Something New

In the spirit of being honest and adventurous (which you can read more about here), I’ve created a new place to explore my reactions to theatre. After setting up a Tumblr blog on a complete whim a couple of months ago and uploading one or two links/quotes that had caught my eye, I suddenly realised that this might be the perfect space in which to allow some of my less tidy, formulated thoughts about theatre free rein. It’s pure experiment at the moment, but that’s really the point.

As a writer, I can be something of a perfectionist and I tend to carefully filter my responses before setting them down on the page. I like tidiness and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. But thoughts aren’t tidy, and I wonder if there isn’t some value in the sheer messiness of my immediate responses and the many ideas and impulses that flutter across my mind, refusing to be pinned down in neat, perfectly formed sentences.

I should explain that this new space isn’t just about my thoughts; it will also be something of a digital pin board for all the many interesting thoughts about theatre that I read or see elsewhere. It’s as much for me as for anyone else, as a way of recording all those mental bookmarks that might otherwise get lost, but any readers who might be interested can head over and take a look at my own personal Theatre Scrapbook. It’s not a particularly inventive title, but it seemed appropriately messy.


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