Latitude Festival in Quotes

Latitude, the thinking man’s (or woman’s) festival as I like to think of it and one of the highlights of the festival season for all culture vultures, is fast approaching.

Sadly I won’t even be in the country at the time, let alone in the Suffolk countryside, but I’ve been catching up with some of the people who will be there entertaining all the lucky festival-goers. To whet the appetites of anyone who can’t quite wait until 14 July, here are a selection of the comments from those involved:

‘To find that many thousands of people in the middle of a rural landscape wanting to see culture is quite a rare thing. You get an audience who, instead of trying to fit in some culture at the end of their working day, take time away from their everyday lives to come to this festival and concentrate on different forms of culture’

Steven Atkinson, artistic director of HighTide

‘Latitude is a space where theatre-makers can reach new audiences and test out new ideas. It breaks down some of the barriers of building-based theatre and challenges artists to create shows which grab people’s attention, are punchy and fun, and which are robust enough to jostle against everything else going on around them’

Kate McGrath & Louise Blackwell, Fuel directors

‘Latitude is a wonderful and diverse mix of the creative industries. Festivals are where both performers and audiences can take risks. You are allowed to dip in and do and see things you might not normally think about going to, which gives so much greater access to all the wonderful work that is being created … Latitude promises to be a truly spectacular weekend, with great theatre, music, cabaret and literature. I certainly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else’

Holly Kendrick, director of National Student Drama Festival (NSDF)

‘We have an amazing bunch of writers who have written incredible short pieces for a purpose, so they are very focused, very interesting, they are quick, they’re witty and they’re brilliantly written … These plays have really grabbed the imagination of people up and down the country and here they are – come and see them’

Hannah Price, artistic director of Theatre Uncut

‘Latitude offers the opportunity to see some of the most exciting theatre, music, poetry and even opera in the country … all in one weekend’

Hannah Silva

‘As with any music festival, explore the nooks and crannies and unexpected corners because that’s where you’ll find the really exciting new artists, people who are uninhibitedly creative and progressive. Don’t stay glued to the main stage with a can of overpriced cider in your hand; find the little woodland spots’


‘the line-up looks really fantastic, with a real pick n’ mix of great work from such a range of art forms and genres – that plus the incredible setting of the Suffolk countryside is a win-win situation for us all’

Kate Denby & Rachael Williams, Gate Theatre

‘theatre needs to respond to the world around it and help people try to make sense of what’s going on; that for me surely is the function of art in society. Latitude is a place where people are looking for new and exciting things so they should hopefully be a receptive audience’

Gary McNair

‘it is the diversity of the work on offer within one space which makes it a really exciting and eclectic experience for the spectator. No other large scale weekend festival supports theatre in the way Latitude does, and there is a sense that Latitude is really open to showcasing emerging artists alongside established companies, enabling the audience to get a true sense of what is out there at the moment in the arts.’

Natalie Scott & Joseph Thorpe, The Lab Collective

To read the interviews and features in full, visit The Public Reviews.

To find out more about Latitude Festival, see the full line-up and buy tickets, visit the website.


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