Review: Money – The Gameshow, Bush Theatre


Ever wondered what 10,000 pound coins look like? The immediate answer is not very much. Walking into the main space at the Bush Theatre, configured as a gameshow set complete with flashing lights and garish set decoration, the pile of shiny gold items is disappointingly and surprisingly small. While this underwhelming realisation might not be … Continue reading

Review: Beats, Bush Theatre


Originally written for Exeunt. The most disturbing aspect of the dystopian nightmare constructed by George Orwell in 1984 is not the unblinking eye of Big Brother, or the children blithely betraying their parents, or even the terrors of Room 101. What really conjures the cold, black grip of dread is the whispered name of the … Continue reading

Revolution Square: Work in Progress


“I hope that they start to see connections”. These were the words of Revolution Square‘s writer and director Jonathan Holmes, spoken during our conversation last week when I asked him what he hoped audiences would take away from the piece, and they serve as a fitting place to begin reflecting on this work in progress. … Continue reading

Revolution Square: Thoughts on a Process


“Russia is a very unexplored political situation”. Until I hear these words from Jericho House‘s artistic director Jonathan Holmes, it is not an omission that I’ve particularly noticed, but the moment the statement is spoken I realise that it’s true. There remains an enduring fascination with Cold War era politics and the Soviet Union, but … Continue reading


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