Reviewing Reviewed: An Attempt to be Honest


I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty. Not in the overall, broad sense of that word and what it encompasses, but in terms of how it relates to my writing and more specifically my writing about theatre. This blog post, therefore, is an attempt to tell the truth, to strip off the usual protective armour … Continue reading

The Write Stuff: What ‘qualifies’ a critic?


The announcement of Michael Boyd’s resignation from the RSC has brought down a sharp autumnal shower of responses, from the Guardian’s poll about who should take over to Dan Baker’s blog asking why there are so few writers filling artistic director positions. One of the most intriguing and provocative reactions to the debate about who … Continue reading

Theatre & Social Media: Follow the Conversations

I doubt whether many of Twitter’s 200 million odd users have paused to look at the website’s About page, but for the first time the other day I took a curious peek. Buried in among the blurb about information, networks and embedded media, there were a couple of phrases that jumped off the computer screen … Continue reading

Theatre on a Shoestring

As a student of limited funds, I have lost count of the number of times people have asked me how I afford to feed my expensive theatre habit. Admittedly a fair number of my theatre trips are facilitated by free press tickets, but when I do fork out for a night at the theatre I … Continue reading


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