Through the Looking Glass and Inside the Sunset


A round-up of sorts, on Light Show, Peter and Alice, Daniel Kitson, Dirty Hands, Ring, the heart-catching joy of reading John Berger, and everything else I haven’t had time to write about elsewhere … – “I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland At … Continue reading

The Forest and the Field, Ovalhouse


“Everything is still problematic concerning the real effects of the Theatre” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau – As Tassos Stevens so helpfully puts it, the experience of an event begins for its audience when they first hear about it and only finishes when they stop thinking and talking about it. Therefore the beginning of my experience of The … Continue reading

In The Republic of Happiness


In writing about this production, I’ve taken something of a counter-intuitive approach – or if not counter-intuitive, then certainly counter to conventional critical practice. I saw the show before Christmas without any intention of writing about it, subsequently discussed it in a seminar group, read all the reviews I could get my hands on, and … Continue reading

A Love Letter


Last night I fell a little bit in love. But before I get onto that, there are a few things you should know. Uninvited Guests’ Love Letters Straight From Your Heart sounds, in many ways, like my vision of a nightmare: unapologetic sentimentality, public displays of emotion (emphatically not my thing – I was possibly … Continue reading


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