Review: Purple Heart, Gate Theatre


Originally written for Exeunt. It’s no accident that in the taut domestic space of Bruce Norris’ play the clocks are being turned back. First produced in Chicago in 2002, the piece rubs at one of the sorest wounds of recent American history – the Vietnam War – in the aftermath of another that is only … Continue reading

Review: The Yellow Wallpaper, Schaubühne Theatre


Originally written for Exeunt. Regularly and repeatedly claimed by feminist critics, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s nineteenth-century story The Yellow Wallpaper is not a text that begs to be updated. Synonymous with the oppressive patriarchy of its time, which condemned women such as the story’s narrator to a diagnosis of “hysteria”, the piece holds a central place within feminist … Continue reading

Review: God’s Property, Soho Theatre


Originally written for Exeunt. Through the door in the back wall of Ellen Cairns’ set, visible in brief, snatched glances as performers slam it open and closed, the world is all askew. The outer walls of a Deptford housing estate unsettlingly loom, threatening and out of kilter, yet at the same time oddly flat. It’s … Continue reading

Review: Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, BAC


The clue to Paper Cinema’s work is all in the name. Borrowing from film, animation, comic book and puppetry, this is indeed cinema performed through the medium of paper; scenes formed live from hundreds of paper cut-outs and projected onto a sail-like sheet hanging at the back wall of BAC’s Council Chamber. Not quite definable … Continue reading


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